Collection: Plus Size and Mid Size Evening and Daytime Dresses

  • Perfect Fit Assurance:

    Our garments are meticulously tested on real women for worry-free, fashionable looks that make you feel confidently beautiful.

  • Adjustable Sleeves:

    Say goodbye to sleeve length woes with our adaptable sleeves, ensuring a tailored look that complements your body.

  • Versatile Designs:

    Embrace the convenience of dresses that adapt to weight fluctuations, catering to all body types and occasions.

  • Effortless Styling:

    Dress effortlessly for any event, simplify accessorizing, and enjoy all-day chic.

  • Comfortable Materials:

    Soft, breathable fabrics on your skin

  • Made with Love in London:

    Own something truly special, crafted with love in London.

Sylvia Piechulla Plus Size Day Dresses in bright, chic colours, patterned textures and lines to flatter the feminine silhouette lend an exclusive touch to sophisticated looks. The clothing for curvy figures adapts classic styles to the latest trends, offering apparel to the fashion-conscious modern woman. The relaxed-fit and figure hugging Plus Size dresses are made only from the highest-quality fabrics  for you to feel comfortable and chic all day. 

Please try out our  3D easy to use web-based fitting app or use the size chart to find the right size.