Michaela Leitz-Bio

Michaela Leitz is a trailblazer in the global fashion industry, renowned for her work as a size-inclusive fashion stylist and image consultant. Her unique approach transcends geographical boundaries as she offers her expertise both globally and virtually, making fashion accessible to all. 

Michaela's insights are highly sought after, with regular features in esteemed global media outlets such as InStyle, Huffington Post, and USA Today.

Her mission is not just about styling; it's about instilling confidence. She leads women on an empowering journey towards a wardrobe that echoes their individuality, replacing compromises with confident fashion choices. 

Michaela believes in the transformative power of fashion, enabling women to not only look their best but truly feel their radiant self in their perfect looks.

With every client she serves, every speech she delivers, and every media appearance she makes, Michaela continues to challenge the norms and champion diversity in the fashion industry. 

Her work is a testament to her commitment to creating a more inclusive and body-positive world.

Contact: michaela@confidence-style.com


Quick Styling

Signature Outfit Conception

One bespoke outfit, radiating your uniqueness.

Week of WhatsApp Style Advocacy

Immerse in a week of fashion assistance from maestro Michaela via WhatsApp.

129 EUR

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Chic Curation Catalyst

Duo Outfit Design

Two meticulously curated outfits, echoing your unique spirit and style.

Color Palette Primer

Basic color analysis to discover your ideal color palette, ensuring every ensemble celebrates your distinct beauty.

Digital Color Swatch

Tailored uniquely for you, it's conveniently available as a PDF for your phone or computer.

Week-Long WhatsApp Style Guidance

Immerse in a week of style mentorship with style expert Michaela via WhatsApp, navigating your fashion voyage and resolving all inquiries.

279 EUR

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Glamour Galore Gateway

Triple Outfit Wonder

Relish in three outfits, custom-made to reflect your unique self and inspire fearless style choices.

Color Palette Intro

Your starter guide to the perfect colors that enhance your beauty and express your individuality.

Digital Color Swatch

Crafted just for you, it's conveniently accessible as a PDF on your phone or computer.

Shape Exploration

Deep-dive into understanding your body shape, empowering you to dress to flatter your unique physique.

WhatsApp Style Aid

Get two weeks of direct style support from fashion expert, Michaela, via WhatsApp. She's there to guide and answer your queries.

549 EUR

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