Sierra Gold Leopard Brocade Jacquard Dress

Sierra Gold Leopard Brocade Jacquard Dress

We're thrilled to share the spotlight with our Sierra Gold Leopard Inclusive Plus Size Brocade Jacquard Dress, featured in Exclusive Home Worldwide. This luxurious masterpiece effortlessly combines comfort, chicness, and sophistication, all in one stunning garment. Crafted from lush, high-quality materials, it exudes opulence, leaving you feeling like royalty.

The dress's gorgeous main panel accentuates your figure, while the matching flutter cap sleeves and shirt cuffs add a fashionable touch. Vary your sleeve length and style with the option to turn the shirt cuffs up or down, allowing you to adapt your look to any occasion, preference, or arm length.

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Photographer: Jutiar Salman  

Model:  Bunmi Irefin IG @olubee_uncommondamsel 

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