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Boudicca Red Ruched Dress

A stunning red dress to match my lipstick; elegant enough for all my evening business
formal events to make an impression but can be dressed down to look sassy and
sexy in a more casual setting. The dress covers your body like a chocolate fountain. What else can a girl ask for? Thank you, Sylvia, for such a wonderful creation. I bought this dress from DSolos in Crystal Palace.



I love my dresses which have been made for me

I couldn't be happier with my recent purchases from Sylvia Piechula's dress collection. These dresses have become my go-to outfits for any occassion. They are incredibly comfortable crafted with soft fabrics that allow me to move freely throughout the day. Despite their comfort they are incredibly chic...

The dresses seamlessly transition from day to night making them ideal for my busy lifestyle. Additionally they stretch with my silhouette, and I am wearing them for work, casual outings, or evening events.



Sierra Gold Leopard Brocade Jacquard Dress

"I feel like royalty in the dress. It's exceptional, which I really like. The fabric blend also makes this beautiful dress very comfortable. I would buy my next dress from Sylvia Piechulla again. Regards, Luise."



Boudicca Neon Lime Camouflage Dress

"Fantastic dress, thank you Sylvia, j'adore! I met the designer when I picked up the
dress, and she has shown me her new collection, which is amazing."



Bird of Paradise Cherry Blossom Georgette Scarf

The scarf has a beautiful color combination. It is versatile and excellent to combine. Whether with a sweater or a blazer, whether for a sporty or casual look. It feels soft and comfortable around the neck. Moreover, it drapes nicely in my favorite georgette fabric. It offers great value for the price. Thank you for the fast delivery.



Boudicca Orange Camouflage Dress

"I felt so great in this dress! The two way stretch makes it so comfortable to wear. I was a huge fan of the midi length because it can be dressed up with heels or casual with pumps. The ruching on the Camo dress was really great as it’s figure hugging but flattering at the same time



"I had the pleasure of modelling some of Sylvia’s designs during her development process. She has taken great care with researching fit and design. The quality of materials she has chosen are fantastic and the pattern and designs truly set her pieces apart from others. Ladies who want uniqueness and flattering design in gorgeous fabrics and colours will adore these beautiful dresses."



I had the best time trying on Sylvia’s dresses! For the first time ever I got to try on amazing dresses that actually fit my size and shape and didn’t make me feel like a sausage stuffed into a skin! Sylvia’s dresses are very chic and feminine and make you feel like a woman. The fabric is soft on the skin and very comfortable. You can see the care and attention taken to make stunning dresses for women of size. Thank you Sylvia.